About Us

Intention Statement

The Sebastopol Village is an intentional network of people who support each other as we age in our homes.  By cultivating enjoyable relationships and helping each other as needs arise, all members contribute to a vibrant, purposeful, loving community.

Sebastopol Village members enjoying our olive-picking event.
Sebastopol Village members enjoying our olive-picking event.

Membership Requirements

The village is a membership organization with annual dues to cover such things as website maintenance, event space, snacks and drinks for events, membership in the California Villages project, etc.  Current dues are $30/person or $45/per two-person household.  For more information on joining Sebastopol Village, please send us a message through the “Contact” form.

Membership Agreement:

Membership Agreement Form PDF

Operating Principles

Sebastopol Village is an “organic” organization, with its growth based upon the village experience and the desires of the village members.  We document our “Operating Principles” in a living document that the coordinating council updates on a regular basis and shares on this website with both village members and the community at large.  Questions or comments should be directed to the coordinating council via the contact form on this website or email to info@sebastopolvillage.org.

Operating Principles PDF

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