Everyone knows that it takes a Village to succeed. We are partnered and associated with many local organizations to cultivate a thriving network of people who are always here for each other. 

Our fellow Village Movement organizations include:

Village Movement California partners with stakeholders interested in transforming the experience of aging across the state to strengthen impact, accelerate growth, and ensure the sustainability of the Village Movement. Together, we advocate for innovative, community-based solutions to improve quality of life and expand choices at all stages of aging, empowering older adults to sustain independence through community and remain in charge of their lives as they age.

The Village to Village (VtV) Network is a membership-based organization that brings Villages together to share best practices for enabling older adults to live independent, healthy, purposeful lives with connections to their communities. The Network provides expert guidance, resources, and support to help communities establish and maintain thriving Villages, and we champion the Village model at the state and national levels as a best practice for healthy, vibrant aging.

The Village Network of Petaluma is a nonprofit membership organization led by active older adults 50+ in the Petaluma-Penngrove area. We’re part of a nationwide movement harnessing the wisdom and collective experiences of today’s older adults to revolutionize the experience of aging.

Marin Villages helps older adults be active, connected, and independent in the place they call home. We have created vibrant local communities of members and volunteers that enrich each other’s lives, help build new connections, and make everyday life easier as we age. Marin Villages offers a variety of programs tailored to members’ interests. These range from coffee and happy hours to educational talks, cultural outings, hiking, and games.

Local Affiliate Organizations:

The mission of the Sebastopol Area Time Bank (SATB) is to create and sustain a resilient and mutually supportive network to grow a community where all members are respected and valued equally for their time and talents. We do this by providing a website for members to post requests and offers and to record exchanges, actively helping our members succeed in meeting their needs, and holding social events to promote and encourage deepening relations among the members.

Our mission is to create and maintain an environment that encourages independence for older adults by providing learning, social, and recreational opportunities in the continuing pursuit of a fulfilling and healthy life. We educate the community about the issues related to the aging process.

Are you wondering how to join us or have questions about Sebastopol Village?

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